Happiness is a state most people pursue.  However, it is a difficult concept to define.  In the first place, happiness is a subjective experience.  For each person it can mean something different.  On the other hand, it is not, in most people, a constant state, but something that comes along in moments throughout life.  That is why it is said that happiness is not a destination, but found along the road of life.  Even if it sounds complicated to attain, there are definitely certain attitudes that help to reach it and maintain it longer:
  1. Not having any expectations of what happiness is.  It’s an internal state that has little to do with outside circumstances and happens spontaneously in certain moments in life.  When we feel happy we have to enjoy it with our full attention, since it’s probably an ephimeral state.
  2. Being happy is not something constant, but the sum of these moments of happinness.
  3. Being in gratitude, seeing life from what is good in every situation and not from seeking out the problem, makes us much more receptive to being happy.