With the events that have befallen Mexico lately, it is easy to lose ourselves in negativity and see all the bad things life brings us.  This attitude leaves us depressed, impotent and afraid.  From this frame of mind it is difficult to process information and solve problems, we react to what is happening around us in a very primary way.  In order to keep the positive frame of mind, from where we can make positive proactive decitions, we must focus our attention on the good that life has to offer.  The way to do this is through gratitude.  Make a list of the things you do have in life.  For example:
  • I am grateful to be alive today.
  • I am grateful to be able to help, according to my gifts and capabilities.
  • I am grateful for the solidarity of my countrymen
  • I am grateful for my country, warm and loving.
We can continue this way, being grateful for what we do have, focusing on it, really feeling the gratitude in all our body.  This immediately puts us in a positive attitude, proactive, from where we can act with more clarity.