In developed countries it is becoming more and more usual to treat illness with a mixture of alopathic medicine and natural remedies.  The concept is called complimentary medicine.  Let’s say that it means taking the best of both worlds, tha advances in medical science and the millenary knowledge of health to achieve an over all wellbeing.  This mixture is yielding very favourable results in those countries.

   We are bringing the same concept to Mexico, but even more complete.  I’m very excited to anounce that we are opening the first complimentary medicine clinic of this country in Mexico City:

                                                 Bienestar 360!

    The clinic is located in Paseo de las Palmas and we are working in unison with the medical clinic named Mediaccess.  Soon we will announce the oficial opening, but as of next week we shall begin with some therapies in this place.  If anyone is interested in participating in the initial tests, contact me through this means or my email: