Mental-emotional balance

Emotions are harder to understand than physical needs.  Often we have opposite and even contradictory feelings.  Sometimes the most difficult task is identifying what we are feeling, for emotions are often in layers, one hiding the other.  Besides, nobody educates us to feel and resolve emotions, we are left to our own devices as to what to do with them.  The most important thing when dealing with emotions is learning to know ourselves, to observe ourselves, to investigate deeply within ourselves to start knowing our emotions, naming them and their cause.  Once named, it is much easier to deal with them, and when we let them be expressed and run their course, they dilute themselves.

For me,  often anger hides fear.  When I’m able to pin point the fear behind my anger, I can deal with the cause and dissipate the emotions.  For example, I get angry when my children disobey.  This anger hides my fear to lose control.  When I realize this and tend to my need to control and the fear that I can’t do it, anger dissolves by itself.  When we know ourselves and what detonates our emotions it is much easier to keep them in balance.  I invite you to try it.