Balance as the principle of health (1 of 3).

“The secret to well-being is balance.  We have to maintain balance between our physical body, our mental-emotional state, and our spiritual understanding.” (Diericx, M., 2017, Befriending the Wolf, Pg. x).  Balance means not giving too much atention to one level, but being aware of all of them in their just measure.  Each level is different and has it’s own needs.

   The physical body, being the most evident and needy of the three is the one that has our attention most of the time, for we constantly have to do things to keep it running: it needs to eat regularly, breathe continually, drink water, evacuate, keep the appropiate temperature, rest, etc.  It’s needs are very obvious and immediate.  When we do not have these needs fulfilled, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else, so this is the first level we have to attend to:

  1. We have to have a good diet, as natural as possible, well balanced and varied.  Equally we have to have a sufficient intake of water, between one and two litters a day are recommended.  It’s aso important to know what to evade, if we have some intolerance or allergy, or any specific medical recommendation of things we shouldn’t eat, as well as keeping our intake of saturated fats and sugars within healthy parameters.  These parameters can be obtained from our doctor or nutrition expert if we don’t know them.  Also we have to be on the lookout for our reactions to the foods we eat, for there will be some that will make us feel better thatothers.  In addition to eating well, we have to evacuate regularly.  If our evacuations are not regular, we must adjust our diets until we reach a balance between what we eat and what we evacuate.
  2. Adecuate excercicie.  We have to know what sports or excercices are good for us and give us energy, and how much excercise a day is enough for us.  I believe in balance, so too much excercise for me creates an imbalance with other sistems and stresses the body, as too little makes us sedentary and loosens our muscles.  Each one has their ideal type and quantity of excercise.  We are not all the same.
  3. Rest, just the same, each one of us has their own rest requirements and it’s good to find the ideal for you.  Normally, 8 hours of sleep are recommended, but there are those who need more or less, so I take it as a good avarage.  Whatever each one needs to feel rested and energized.
  4. Clean air and water.  If you live in a contaminated area, try not to be on the street at peak hours or excercise outside.  It’s also recommended to go to green places where we can breathe clean air when possible.  Abundant clean water is vital.  If you are not very sure of the water quality in your area, boiling and filtering if will make it clean and safe.