Be Proactive: Kidney problems

Lupus can attack the kidneys, and prednisone is hard on the kidneys also.  In addition, they have to deal with all the other drugs you take for this condition.  Their health is extremely important so that they can deal with all the stressing factors.  The kidneys are a vital organ in the body, so their malfunction can be potentially deadly.  Taking care of them is therefore one of the most important things in your daily stay well routine.  You know something is wrong when you start swelling, excess liquid retention is a sign of kidney stress.  

Take natural diuretics every day to help your kidneys get rid of extra fluid. Black tea, coffee, and pineapple/parsley smoothies are all natural diuretic drinks, so if you are partial to any of these, go ahead.  Also hibiscus tea or water is a great diuretic.  A traditional Mexican remedy is making tea out of corn silk and drinking it to cleanse out the kidneys.