When hormones interfere

Women have hormonal ups and downs every month, as is well known and has been the object of many jests towards us.  For this reason it


not surprising we don’t find it funny when something bothers us and our hormones are cited as the cause of all our 


.  However hard it for us to admit, hormones do play an important role in our moods and energy.  When 


 the hormonal ups and downs, we suffer an illness like lupus, they are in addition, triggers of symptoms or a flare of this moody disease.  We can’t 


 the hormonal changes in our bodies, but we can be attentive to them.  When we know those days are 


 we can rest more, keep ourselves in positive environments with little stress and not eat 


 foods.  While this will not change the emotional reactions, it does reduce other factors that could act in conjunction with our hormones to cause a flare.