Optimism vs sentimentalism

 The topic of positive thinking is very much in fashion, of not letting yourself fall into negative feelings, that what happens in life should not affect you and you should always be happy, no matter what.  It sounds wonderful, but it is really impossible to do.  Human beings have feelings, positive and negative ones.  When life doesn’t happen the way we want it or the way we plan it, when we suffer the loss of things or people we love, it’s natural that it should affect us, and that we feel anger, sadness, frustratation, etc.

   This new fashion of feeling only the positive and none of the negative creates guilt when we do feel the negative spectrum of emotions, for having let ourselves fall into a negative frame of mind, creating a need to hide what we feel not to seem sentimental or negative.  Doing that has adverse effects on our emotional and therefore our physical health.  Part of loving ourselves is accepting ourselves with all we are, icluding the less pleasant emotions.  To accept them as normal, give them a place as part of the experience of life, express them and let them go.  

     If we refuse to feel them and we repress them because they are not accepted socially, they remain inside us, they get stuck and fester and grow until they become toxic and come out in very unhelathy ways, like aggression, shouting, depression, etc.  Fashion or not, if we feel something, we feel it, period.  Let’s face it, accept it, and give it a place in our life, that way we will be emotionally healthy human beings.