The importance of necessary supplements
Many people speak of the importance of good nutrition to be healthy, and I completely agree.  However, many times we don’t manage to include all the minerals, vitamins, proteins and dietary fibers we need in our food.  One reason for this is the low quality of the foods we eat, since many of them were grown on chemical fertilizers in poor soils and have little nutrients.  Another reason is the lack of time and budget in modern life to buy and prepare fresh organic food every day, yet another reason are food allergies, intolerances and personal tastes.  Besides, the variety of foods needed to include all the nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy is very ample and not all of us have access to them.  There are many reasons why food alone is not always enough to get all the necessary nutrients.
     Fortunately, there are supplemets that can be of great help, and that taken regularly can supply the dietary deficiencies.  It is important to know which nutrients we are lacking in our diet to take the correct supplements and to find a good brand that manufactures high quality, natural supplements that carries the supplements we need.  To know our personal nutritional deficiencies we can either do a blood test or trust our intuition and common sense.  For example, if we are allergic to lactose and we avoid dairy products, besides taking cortisone, it could mean we have a calcium deficiency.  If we are vegetarian, it’s very possible we need to supplemet protein and iron.  A practical way is to take a good multivitamin that has everything, the other is to try different supplements and feel the body’s reaction to them.  All supplements have to be doctor approved, for some of them may interact with prescribed medications needed to keep symptoms under control.