We are the change we desire.
Barack Obama, in one of his speeches made this affirmation.  I think what it means is very important.  Many times, we are busy blaming the world for being unjust, for being in the wrong, because it doesn’t give us what we deserve.  Few times do we stop to ponder what we are doing to achieve the positive change we desire.  The outside world will not change because we want it to change, we have to change it, starting by ourselves.  That way, if we feel that the world is unjust, let’s start by being just ourselves, being tolerant, learning to forgive.  If we feel that the world is violent and we do not like it, let`s start by not being violent wth ourselves, judging and blaming ourselves for everything, and let’s stop doing it to those around us.  In this way, changing in ourselves and in our environment and making it the way the we want the wolrd to be, we have made much more progress than only criticizing and complaining.