Near Death Experiences
This morning I was listening to a Ted Talk by Anita Morjani.  In this chat she talks about her near death experience.  She is not the only person who has had this kind of experience, in fact I had one as a child also, what is fascinating about hers is the medical record of her case.  Anita had terminal lymph cancer.  The doctors had no hope for her whatsoever and her physiscalbody was completely deteriorated.  She tells of how she slipped into a coma and separated from her body, and in doing so, her consciousness expanded limitlessly, she was completely consciouss of everything going on around her, not just to her body and the room where she lay, but in a different country with her brother.  She discovered that consciousness is one, and that we are all connected.  She also discovered that death is not to be feared, since it’s only the leaving behind of the body, and in the sate of consciousness there is no fear, or pain of any kind.  She chose to come back to her body and she was cured of terminal cancer in 7 days to the utter astonishment of the medical staff.
  What good is it to know stories like Anita’s?  In the first place, to know that hope always exists, no matter how sick we are, there is always a chance to regain our health.  Second, to get rid of our fear of death, for it’s only the transition to a different state.  The third very important lesson is that we are all united, and everything that happens to us has an impact on everyone else.  So, in agreement with Anita’s message:
I invite you to live fearlessly, with hope and with love towards ourselves and those around us.