Usually headaches are caused by stress, but also there are some, very related to Lupus, that are caused by inflammation.  On the head, above the ear and towards the eyes you can find the trigeminus nerve, and flowing through the same path there are lymphatic channels.  We who suffer Lupus tend to have a swollen lymphatic system because it is part of the immune system.  When the lymph conduct is swollen, it presses on the nerve causing headaches and even migraines.  The best thing for this type of headache is to get a manual lymphatic drainage massage, a very gentle massage that helps the lymphatic system pass toxins disinfalmming the conducts and nodes.  If you do not have anyone you can go to to get this kind of massage, you can do it yourself:
  • With your fingertips, find the inflammed nerve above the ear.  It will feel like a cord.
  • From the temple, start massaging gently with circular movements backward following the cord to the back of your skull.
  • Then, from the temple down the front of the ear to the side of the jaw, all the way to the chin repeat the circular massage.
  • Do at least 10 repetitions of both trajectories and observe if it alleviates the pain.