This weekend I attended the Author 101 University live event.  In it I met a lot of people devoted to helping one another to succeed.  This is the kind of spirit I like to share with and to expand into the world.  I believe fervently if we all just wanted to help eachother instead of competing, damaging, being intolerant and critical, this world would be a radicaly different place.  But in order to accomplish that we would have to stop being egotistical, we would actually have to think of other people before, or at least in parallel, to ourselves.  We would have to ask them their needs instead of just wanting them to satisfy ours.  It would require us exiting our little sphere of consiousness and going beyond ourselves, actaully feel the connection to others, feel that they also have needs that can differ from ours but are just as important and valuable.  That would make the whole difference in how we behaved and how society worked.  For me success is a team effort, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if all succeeded as human beings?