Insomnia is one of the the most bothersome symptoms of lupus.  We need to rest more than any healthy person, and many times we cannot sleep.  There are many causes for this.  Some of the most common are:
  1. Pain keeps us awake.
  2. The medications we take cause insomnia
  3. Emotional factors do not allow us to fall asleep: worries, fear of the future, anxiety, etc.
  4. Other diverse factors, like cramps, muscle spasms, excesive skin sensibility, etc.
It is very important to try and sleep, since it’s a very important factor in our health and recuperation.  There are various home remedies that can help us fall asleep:
  • Doing physical exercice at least half an hour, early in the day.
  • Avoid cafeine, black of green tea, excesive sugar, and heavy meals at night.
  • Avoid violent TV programs or bad news at night.
  • Try to have a stable sleep shedule, that way the body gets used to sleeping at the same time every day.
  • Have a calming infussion, like lettuce or sleepy time before bed.
  • Have magnesium and melatonin supplements before bed.
  • Essential oils, like lavender, melissa, or calm, on the soles of the feet, the wrists and the temples.
  • Meditate, repeat mantras, do a progressive relaxation, listening to relaxing music or any calming habit that works for you.
  • A warm bath with epsom salts to relieve muscle pain at night.
  • If nothing works, ask your doctor for a sleeping aid that will not interfere with your medicaions.  It’s very important to be able to sleep.