Become who you want to be, part 1

We live in the present moment.  What we are is the result of the decisions we have made and the steps we have taken to achieve those goals.  Sometimes we have failed, sometimes we have learned from our mistakes and tried again, some other times we have succeded.  It doesn’t matter.  We are who we are today is a consequence of everything that has happend before.  The same is true of the future.  We will become what we build ourselves to be with every thought, every decision and every act we do, we build our future self.
At any given moment, there are many potential futures for us, and every step we take tends to strenghthen one potential future me or another.  For example, if I am deciding on my carrer finishing high school, that choice will definitely have a large impact on the me in the future, for I will either become an engineer, or a doctor, or maybe a dropout.  There are decisions that have more impact than others because they are stronger commitments that tend to bind us on a certain path, strengthening the future self they propose.  That way, when I choose to marry and have a family, I’m strengethening the future me that has children and has to be a mom, and all the things that go with that.  If I decide not to marry and have a career instead, I’m strengthening the future me that has a career, success, material abundance and possibly many romanitic partners.  There are other decisions that influence less on the future me, like deciding to have a salad or eat that scumptious chocolate chip muffin.  However, they will affect the portential me in some degree.  Every tiny decition brings me closer to a different future me.