Trips with Lupus

When we travel there are many changes to our routine.  For example, schedules get dishevelled, the food is different, rest can be difficult, the weather is different, many people swell during the trip, etc.  There are many ways to mitigate the adverse effects of travel to be able to enjoy them in the best way possible.  Some examples:
  • For leg swelling, use compression stockings.
  • For liquid retention, take diuretic drinks, like coffee or tea when possible.
  • Take with you all the medications you may need, you can’t be sure to find them at your destination.
  • Take a letter from your doctor saying you have lupus and it’s difficult for you to walk, that way, if you get tired, you can ask for a handicapped sticker for parking and getting wheelchairs in public places.
  • Try having healthy snaks with you, in case the meal times get delayed you have something to eat that’s not junk food, like nuts, and you don’t go hungry or run out of energy.
  • Take clothing that protects you from the sun, besides your sunblock.
  • Try to keep your sleep schedules as much as possible, to avoid insommnia.
  • If you go to a place in a very different time zone, take the time to become accustmmed to it on arrival.  Your body takes two or three days to adapt to the new time, during those first few days you will have to force your body to follow the local time.  Persevere, it will make the difference in your trip.
  • Remember all excesses can affect you.  Even if it’s difficult while travelling, try not to go overboard with food, tiredness, staying up late, stress, etc.