Heart centering
Mystics of certain traditions say that the heart is the seat of the soul.  Scientiifically it has been proven that the heart has the largest electro magnetic field of the body.  In meditation it is a useful technique to center the consciousness in the heart, and when we have to make a decition it is clearer when taken from the heart.  In Chinese Traditional Medicine the heart is the Emperor of the body.  Here is an excercice to center on the heart to make important decitions:
  • Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Take 3 deep breaths inhaling peace through the nose and exhaling tenson through the mouth.
  • Be concious of your body, starting with the feet and climbing slowly to the head, relaxing each part consciously.
  • Now, pay attention to the beating of your heart.  If you can’t perceive it, place your hand over your heart to feel it.
  • Take a minute to thank your heart it’s function, remembering it’s the first organ that denotes life in the embryo and the last organ to stop when we die.  It never rests, yet it changes it’s rhythms to adjust to our needs.  It is the most generous organ in the body.  Thank it for it’s neverending task. Feel the gratitude invade your whole body.
  • Now feel love.  It can be love for something or someone or just the sensation if you have it clearly identified and let love encompass all of your body.  Gratitude and love are the emotions of the heart, so let yourself feel them.
  • Now visualize a pink light inside your heart.  Watch while it gets stronger and brighter, growing, overflowing from your heart until it covers you completely in a pink bubble.
  • Concentarte all your attention in the center of your heart, in that place where the light originates, the place of unconditional, pure constant and comforting love.
  • Once your awareness is here, in the pink light of unconditional love, ask the question you need answering to your heart and watch as the answer comes, without your interference, without the intervention of the mind, simply listen, feel, the heart’s answer.