My family. How to handle them without stressing?
Frequently it is those closest to us that put the largest strain on us, unwittingly.  This happens because they love us.  They are the ones that most want to be with us, and therefore the ones that put the most pressure on us.  In this time of parties and celebrations, it is very common that the family insists in our presence in all celebrations and reunions.  Besides, our children want attention, there are presents to buy, and many times meals to cook to take to the family reunions.  It can become a highly stressful time if we let ourselves fall in the trap.  We have to be conscious of this:
  1. They are insisting out of love, because we are important to them.  We can use this knowledge to excuse ourselves from some commitments.  If we speak clearly and say, for example: “I know you want me to come because you love me and want to see me, but this week I have another two commitments and I will see you in the next reunion.  Is it possible that you excuse me from being there this time (or leaving early) so I can be healthy the whole season?
  2. Our children want attention all the time, they are like incredibly lovable bottomless wells of tenderness, attention and need.  This is also love.  They want our attention because they love us.  It’s prefferable to program quality time with them than to try to fulfill their every need and get exhausted in the process.  If you talk to them clearly, they understand (depending on the age of the child, ofcourse).  Program restful activities with them, like drawing, making Christmas decorations, cooking simple dishes they can help you with.
  3. If you have reunions in which you have to take things, remember there are many things you can buy already made that don’t require you cooking or cleaning up afterwards.  Take advantage of all the shortcuts and help you have, everything you don’t do means less fatigue and more time you can spend with your loved ones.  Remember they are more interested in your presence than in those delicious cookies you bake!