Why do I have to go first? Is it egotistical?
Many times we are told that if we put ourselves first, we are egotistical and that is wrong.  But, what happens when you have an illness? If you don’t put yourself first to be the best you can be in every moment, your condition can get worse, and then, is this not more egotistical?  If you are feeling worse you will need more attention, more help and care from others, and this will necessarily become a burden for others (even if they do it lovingly).  That is why I think we should put ourselves first, and not just because we don’t want to burden others, but because when we are sick everything around us tends to not work.  We can’t accomplish our roles propperly, we can’t do what we need for ourselves, we get cranky and it’s difficult to deal with ourselves.  It’s a downward spiral of our health, activity, of life in general.  I propose: you are your priority, take care of youself as much as possible, say no when you don’t want to do something, be egotistical to be selfless.  As a matter of fact, it’s a good way to explain it to others: “I’m being egotistical to be selfless, for I will be a burden if I get sick.  You have to understand that it’s better for everyone in the long run.”  I don’t know if I would dare to put it so bluntly, but the message is clear.  We have to put ourselves first, for our own good and the good of the people who love us and depend on us.