The spy game

Sometimes I imagine that I’m like a detective, a spy trying to delucidate the evil plans of an enemy hiding within the fibers of my body.  Which is why I’m always aware of any signal my body gives me about the wherabouts of the next attack of the enemy.  Sometimes I think of this game as a James Bond movie, where the powers of evil are always on the prowl and he has to destroy their plans before they end the world as we know it.  In my case, with my body, it’s functions and probably my life.  Sometimes, trying to maintain a sense of humour, I think of this eternal persecution of the evil interests like this, like a game of spies in which I have to be ever on the alert, listening to any signal that the enemy is active again, planning an attack and I have to stop it before severe damages are caused.  It is a way to make of this condition a game and keep the positivism in life.