Holistic approach
I have been receiving many questions from people asking for help with various symptoms.  I do my best to answer every one and I’m very grateful for your confidence in me.  However, I have to say to everyone that lupus is a complex disease, as we all know, and one tip will probably help but not really control this condition.  What really helped me and made me pretty much overcome this ailment and live a normal life was not one thing.  It was a holistic approach to the condition.  This approach has basically three components:
  1. Physical:  There are many life-style changes that need to be done to minimize the exposure to triggers.  For this it is essential to identify your triggers, they vary a lot form one person to the next, and counter them.
  2. Emotional:  Strong negative emotions are well documented triggers, so we have to be able to identify and channel our emotions as they arise, having them accumulate is not good for general health.
  3. Spiritual:  You have to be good with yourself.  Acceptance of who you are and what you have brings peace with this condition, and from this standpoint it is much easier to work with what you actually have.