Perseverance with lupus is a tricky business. Where the rest of the world can set goals and go for them, we have to take into account the feasibiliy of them and many times periods of not being able to advance towards our goals. In past blogs I have talked about goal setting and achieving, so I won’t go into that right now. But we do have to remember that it’s important to have clear goals and to keep them in sight for the long haul. Things may very well take us longer to accomplish than other people, and it’s fine, but we can’t lose sight of our goals. For us, perseverance has a big part of patience and resilience. We have to be patient with ourselves when we can’t do anything and be able to come back from a crisis with the same determination to get to our goal, bounce back to the same path, if we are ever to accomplish our goals. Another major ingredient is focus. When we set a goal, we cannot get distracted along the way with other projects, if we do that is not probable that we will finish any one of them, so we won’t feel the triumph of accomplishment. We have to remain focused on one goal at a time, have a plan that leads to it and do it in tiny steps, persevering to the end.