Finding purpose and meaning in life

Viktor Frankl, the author of Logotherapy, says if you find meaning and purpose in your life, you can survive in the direst of circumstances.  He observed this while imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp.  Only those who had a purpose survived, including himself.  When he was released at the end of the war he became a therapist helping people find their own purpose in life.   

There are those who say that we all come to this earth with a certain mission, that we have to do something that is uniquely ours and this is our contribution to the world.  Unfortunately we are not born with an instruction manual, we have to find our unique gifts and that which we love to do and want to leave behind us as our legacy.  But it’s not so hard to do.  Your gift usually comes with an intense pleasure when you do it, and it comes easily to you.  Every person has their unique gift, and it doesn’t have to be trascendental or socially important.  It has to be what you really enjoy doing, be it fly fishing or baking, painting or singing; to find it ask yourself the question: What fills me with joy and meaning in life?  When you have the answer, get doing!

For a guide on how to do it, reffer to the  June 20th blog to establish goals.