Lupus patients have little energy.  We get tired easily since our immune system is working overtime because it is always on alert or in attack mode. Besides, our body is always working to repair itself from the attacks the immune system causes in it’s exacerbated enthusiasm.  That is why we have to be very clear in what we want to do, we can’t waste time in superfluous activities.  If we want, besides what life demands from us, to do something meaningful for ourselves, which is the most important element so that our life has meaning and purpose, we have to establish clear goals.

The first step is to know what we like to do.  Discovering that activity which fills us with joy and meaning.  It is easy to discover, it is that which, when you do it, everything else recedes in importance, time passes without your notice and when you finish you feel satisfied and fulfilled.  Take whatever time you need to discover it.  Many times it is useful to remember what you dreamt of as a child, when life hadn’t yet told you what was possible and what was not.  When you have it, make it realistic.  Every dream has many variants.  Choose one that is realistic for you, that fits into your lifestyle, your physical limitations, your time and budget.  

Once you have your big but realistic goal, make a list of smaller goals that will take you little by little to the big one.  Small goals that you can make happen in your own time and rythm.  Having this list, go and achieve the first small goal, and when you complete it, give yourself time to enjoy it, to congratulate yourself, to fill yourself with the feeling of success that achieving what you set for yourself brings with it.  This time of enjoyment will give you the focus and push to continue with the next small goal, and enjoying the road you will have reached your big goal before you know it.