Personality is the music of the soul
Music is the only art form that requires an interpreter and it is he/she that gives importance and meaning to the piece of music.  In the same manner I imagine the body, personality, soul triad.  The body is the musical instrument, the personality is the interpreter and the music is the soul.  Each one of us has a soul with certain characteristics and gifts, a beautiful and unique piece of music that is our essence.  Our personality interprets this music sheet, gives it emotion, thoughts and it’s particular brand, it mediates between the sheet of music, the instrument and the public.  The body is the instrument in which the symphony of life is played.
Something happens in life, and it is as if this played our notes.  As if a gifted pianist allowed the public to play his instrument.  Some notes are harmonious and some others are dissonant.  When somebody or something plays a beautiful melody, we feel happy, when on the contrary, they play discordant notes, we feel unhappy.  The error here is that it’s outside circumstances that are “playing our notes”, and we are, like instruments, reacting to the hoarse fingers of circumstances and people that are damaging our system.  We do  not realize that it is our personality that decides how to interpret what is happening outside.  It is us that own the color and particular interpretation we give life.  We are the pianists and we decide who and how we let play our piano.
Why don’t we learn to play our instrument?  If we concieved ourselves as the creators we are, we would become the interpreters of our own music, harmonizing the melodies that we like and not those that others wish to play on us.  If we learned this, we would see that only those we allow can play us, and only in the way we allow them to play us, for we are the only owners of ourselves.
This way, the feelings, the thoughts and everything we do are exclusiveley our choice and our responsibility.  Things that happen outside of us just happen and it is us that are in charge of interpreting them and giving them meaning.