Viktor Frankl expressed in his Logotherapy that everyone has to find a purpose in life.  People who have purpose have a much better chance of surviving challenging situations.  I find that my life became much better when I found my purpose and meaning in helping others.  We all need to have that feeling of purpose and meaning in our lives.  We all have to find our own.  It’s sometimes very easy to know what your purpose in life is, for example when you are born with a great talent which you love, like musicians, artists, sports professionals.  Most times, when you don’t have a clear talent or a clear “something” which you love, it can get a little complicated.  Purpose is only found through introspection, most people have to discover it in their lives.  Here are a few tips on how to do this:
  1. It is something that is independent of everyone else, uniquely yours.  So your purpose can’t be: loving my children or being a good wife, for these depend on your children or your husband.  You have to find something that is completely yours, independently from everyone else.
  2. It fills your heart with joy when you are doing it.  You seem to always have energy to do it, you can even forget chores when you get engrossed in it.  It is an incentive to get out of bed, because it is something you really enjoy. You are passionate about it.
  3. It doesn’t have to be big, spiritual or trascendental, but it does involve a legacy.  Something you will leave behind when you depart from this world, something that makes you proud and brings a smile to your face when you see it and think about it and you would like to share with others, even as a memory or a story.  It doesn’t have to be a thing, like a work of art, it can be something you enjoy doing and can share your passion for, like mountain climbing or meditation.
  4. It gives your life meaning.  When you are doing this, everything is worthwhile, what you have gone through, the pain and the bad times all seem to be worth it because you can do this.
Having this kind of purpose makes all the difference when you are sick, it gives even the suffering of the illness a place, because it can be overcome to do your thing once more.  I invite you to search for yours, find that which makes your life a joy to live regardless of the circumstances.