New Year’s Reflection

2015 was a year full of surprises, some of them good, some others not so good and some really extraordinary ones.  All in all, it was a year of major growth fro me, of coming into my own.  I learned a lot about myself, about my limits and my capabilities, but mostly I learned that being alone is not so bad when you have a good relationship with yourself.  It can even be enjoyable.  I used to be terrified to be alone, and felt like I would be unable to survive on my own, mainly because of lupus.  I felt I could not really hold my own in the world, work consistently, take care of my basic needs.  Turns out I can.  
Eventhough this condition puts limitations on the activities I can carry out, there are many others which I’m perfeclty capable of doing which can sustain me quite well and which I love doing.  One of them is writing, so I started this blog, my facebook page and wrote the book.  All in this year!  Right now I’m thinking of others things to do with this theme in mind, other ways to help, to keep us communicated and to build a community of friendship and support for all lupus sufferers.  
This is my purpuse for the next year, expand my message, but also expand the communication amongst ourselves, have everyone of us build this body of knowlledge about the condition of lupus and how to best live with it.  For that, I am devising ways to use all the resources we all have, to put them together in a compilation, an easy to use manual for all of us.  
So goodbye 2015 with your ups and downs and your learning opportunities, and welcome 2016 as a year full of projects, healthy living and most importantly joy of life, regardless of the circumstances surrounding me!