Be proactive: Over indulging and detoxifying

This is the season to be jolly.  It is also the season to eat and drink all kinds of sweets, alcohol, heavy foods and to overdo it.  The advice everyone gives is be moderate, but moderation is something that is difficult, especially when the temptation is everywhere.  Another option I have found that works is to go ahead and indulge, after all it is the season! After the parties are over, schedule a week or more of a detox to get your body balanced again.  There are many ways to detoxify your body, they range from mild to puritan.  Here are some examples of things I have tried, in order of the easiest to the really hard core detox.
  1. Get rid of gluten, grease, dairy and sugar.  It’s like going on a diet, no bread, no sweets, no cheeses.  This lets your organs rest and you can take off some weight.  It is a diet based on lean meats and vegetables, some fruit.  
  2. Go vegetarian.  Get rid of all the above plus all animal protein, letting your liver rest.
  3. Go raw vegan.  Only eat raw fruits and vegetables, you can include nuts.
  4. Only juices.  If you are really into detoxifying and you can deal with the deprivation for a week, go for natural, raw juices and blends.  There are many recipies you can get online, and some nature stores sell the juices fresh for the day.  With this detox, you rest all your organs, including the intestines, and help them get rid of all the buildup of waste matter that could be in your gut.
This year I’m planning for a month of detox, doing a week each of the mentioned stages, to do it gradually so as not to shock the system.  If you want to join me in doing this, we can exchange recipies, what we are feeling and support each other through the process.  To get out of it, from juices go back through the stages, one day each, adding foods one day at a time.  It can also be a good time to check yourself for any food allergies or sensitivities.  Every food group you add, be very vigilant of your wellbeing, of your general energy levels, of any symptom that may arise.  This is a good way to identify if any of the foods you are eating regularly are causing you problems.