Be proactive: Acupresure on only one point.
If you do not have time to study the acupuncture meridians, try doing just one point.  There are many that work for many things at the same time, like for example, the Su Zan Li point.  It is said that just masaging this point you can manage balanced health and therefore longevity.  For us with Lupus, it’s most interesting function is regulating the immune system.  Let’s try massaging this point for a month, and see the results for the new year!  Following I reproduce and translate the article found in the web page cited at the end of the article.  To find the point put your left hand under your knee cap, enfolding your knee area.  Under your pinkie finger find your shin bone.  Go out on the left side of the shin bone for the space of one finger and feel for a little hole that hurts.  Do the same on the right leg.  The point is on the outside of the leg.   Massage the point in the morning (gives you energy, at night it could give you insomnia), for 5 minutes.
Su Zan Li Point
A Japanese legend tells that there was once a happy man that received a valuable knowledge from his father, the localization of the point for a 100 illnsses and longevity.
Following his council, the son massaged this point for the rest of his life and lived to see the birth and death of many emperors.
Massaging certain specific points is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the East, and has been used for thousands of years.
Our body posseses a total of 365 points and 12 meridians, that coincides, as you can see, with the months and days in the year.
The effects of massaging these points (acupressure) are based on the theory of meridians as channels connecting our organs.
In Chinese Medicine the body is seen as an Energy System, and thus the massage is a way to intervene in the flow of energy and the functional activity of the organs.
Tha activation of the Su Zan Li point has a youthfulness effect, retarding the aging process and a healing effect.
In China it is known as the “point of longevity” and in Japan “the point of 100 illnesses”.
Where is the Su Zan Li point in the body?
This point is situated under the knee cap, to find it place the palm of your hand on your knee cap with the palm of the hand of the same side, the point can be found between the tips of the pinkie and ring finger, there you can find this little indenture, and that is our Su Zan Li point.
Why is this point called the point of a 100 illnesses and what does it govern?
-It is responsible for the organs in the lower body
It controls the points on the spine, which in turn are responsible for the correct functioning of the digstive tract, the intestinal tract, the genitals, and suprerenal glands.
-Massaging the Su Zan Li point, you can increase the function of the suprarenal glands, which is the most powerful defensor of human health.
-They are responisble for secreting adrenaline, hidrocortisone and other fundamental hormones in our blood stream.
If you massage this point you will regulate many other functions, such as:
-Blood pressure.
-Normalization of glucose and insulin levels.
-Eliminate inflamtory responses in the body.
-Regulate the immune system.
-Better the digestive system.
-Cures diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
-Betters heart health.
Acupressure on this point also helps elevate your self confidence, eliminate stress and achieve inner peace, and helps with everyday symptoms like hiccups, constipation and incontinence.
When should you do this exercise?
It is better to massage the Su Zan Li point in the morning, or before lunch, and do a clockwise circular movement 9 times, then go to the other leg.  Repeat for 10 minutes.
Before proceeding with the excercise sit down comfortably.
A slow paused breath is recommended and focusing on your feelings, it’s important to be in a state of harmony and understanding when starting a healing process.  Massaging this point will have a stimulating effect.