Be proactive: Alkalinize
New studies have found that acidity in the system provokes many diseases, viruses thrive in acid environments, as do cancer cells.  Acid systems do not function optimally.  However, extreme alkalinity is also not healthy, so never overdo anything.  Modern living tends to acidity, for many of the things that make our daily lives easier tend to acidify the system.  Examples are conservatives and colorants in our procesed foods, excesive grease, and even stress.  It is difficult to think of modern life without these factors, so here I propose tips to keep the body with a neutral PH, the healthy one.
  1. Diet: try for foods with the least amount of conservatives and food colorings.  The more natural, the better.  If you can go organic, even better, for pesticides and other agricultural products tend to acidify your food.  Some foods that produce acid in the body are grease, especially animal fat, animal protein, especially red meat and pork, naturally acid foods, like tomatoes, citrus fruits (except lemon), chili and spices.
  2. Medications: Many of the lupus prescribed medications produce acidity in the system, especially corticosteroids, like prednisone.  Also painkillers, especially those based on aspirin, antibiotics and antiviral medications also acidify the system.  The less medication you need, the better off your whole system will be, but the medications you do need, please take.  Try to have them after eating, never on an empty stomach. 
  3. Baking soda and calcium are good to keep your system alkaline, so to counteract those chemicals you do ingest, you can have a half glass of water with the juice of half a lemon and a quarter teaspoonful of baking soda before every meal.  This will help your digestion and counteract the acid response to food.  If you get acid reflux have calcium based antiacids, such as Tums, not the aluminum based ones.  You can also drink a glass of milk or eat some cheese, if it’s good on your system, before going to bed.  This will keep your gut busy and the acidity of your gastric juices low during the night, beside giving you extra calcium.
  4.  Biomagnetism works by keeping the body’s PH stable.  An easy way to incorporate this wonderful system into your daily life is to buy four magnets, aproximately 1,000 gauss, that have the north and south poles clearly marked.  Every night, as you unwind and prepare for bed, place a south pole magnet on the soles of your feet, a north on your belly button and another north on the crown of your head for five to ten minutes.  Be careful not to touch any electronic device with the magnets, for they will damage them. The poles I mention are the ones touching your skin.
  5. Stress reducing techniques: Exercise, relaxation, contemplation, meditation, prayer, nature walks, playing or stroking a pet (especially cats), laughing, dancing, listening to music and having fun are proven methods of reducing stress.  There are others.  Incorportae at least one method of reducing stress that works for you into your day.