Be proactive: Stress

Stress is one of the most damaging of modern emotional states.  Stress is caused by a constant stream of preocupations and negative projections that we can do nothing about.  They include everything from our immediate future, our work, relationships, state of health to world occurrences, like the refugee crisis or the global economy.  Our minds are constantly recieveing information, most of it negative, about the world we live in.  That, plus the fact that we are naturally inclined to project negative images for our own protection and readiness to act in any circumstance, causes us to be continually worried, afraid, and in alert mode.  This is stress.  The only thing that couteracts this constant wired state is conscious relaxation, of the body and the mind.  Here is one 2 minute technique you can use various times to relax throughout the day, when you feel stressed out or tired:
Relaxation through the breath
Close your eyes.  Put your attention on your breathing, exactly as it is, without changing anything.  Note if it is deep or shallow, accelerated or slow.  Just observe it, don’t change it.  Feel the air moving in and out of your body without your consious effort.  Every time you breathe in, oxygen enters your body and nourishes you.  Everytime you breathe out, toxins leve your body.  Make this natural movement extensive to your body.  Notice any area of your body that feels uncomfortable or tense.  Breathe out the discomfort, breathe in relxation.  Do this with all the areas of your body that are tense or uncomfortable.  Then focus on your thoughts.  Every time you breathe in, bring a positive thought, something you want to include in your life, like abundance or success.  When you breathe out, let go of a negative thought, like impotence or that overwhelming list of things to do.  Do this two or three times.  Then make it extensive to your emotions, breathe in a positive emotion, like happiness or fullfillment, and breathe out a negative one, like frustration or anger.  Do this for two or three breaths.  Then go back to focusing your attention on your breathing only.  Notice if it changed in any way.  Just notice and open your eyes to continue with your day.