Even if we live in a world full of confusion, our hearts should remain full of immense calm. Meji

This is the challenge.  To maintain our center no matter what happens on the outside.  The mystics commonly retire from the world to monasteries or to live as hermits in nature to achieve this state of inner peace, but what would happen to them if they came back to the world, had a spouse, kids, a job to keep them, had to deal with political, economic and international trouble, traffic, parties, watched the news? Horror.  It is much easier to achieve and keep inner peace in solitude, in communion with nature, meditating all day.  The real challenge is to do it here, immersed in the crazy, often uncomprehensible, fast, full of stuff to do and moral judgment, modern world.  So I invite you to take the challenge, to try every day to be more in inner peace in the chaos of life.