Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body. (Cicero)
 In fact, all diseases begin in the energetic field, energy stagnates and starts affecting the organs.  Everything begins with a negative thought that unleashes a negative feeling we do not recognize, that stays latent in the body.  This feeling starts to stagnate, it becomes “blocked” and little by little, it starts affecting the physical body.  Many times we have already forgotten what happened to us and how it made us feel, but if we do not recognize it or express it, it stays there, stuck in the unconscious. 
     That’s why it is so important to recognize what we feel, even if it doesn’t seem good, appropiate or we do not feel capable of having “those” feelings.  Socially we have been taught that there are good and bad feelings, so we try to have the good ones and tend to ignore or hide the bad ones.  It is these that tend to get stuck in our energetic field.  In fact, there are no good or bad feelings, they are all human and normal.  We do not have to act upon them or are we bad people for having them.  We simply have to recognize and express them in a healthy manner.