What you live is a reflection of what you think

When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the 


 could not see the boats.  They just saw strange men arriving in their shores but couldn’t see where they came from.  When the witch doctor arrived, he saw the boats and described them to his companions, only then could they see the ships.  This 


 serves to remind us that we only see that for which we have a frame of 


 if there is no reference, or 


 to create one, we cannot see what is in front of us.  In the same way, when we have a 


 about the world, this is our frame of reference and we will live and experiment only what fits in our mental frame of reference.  So, we live what we believe.  In modern times this would be called a 

self fulfilling

 prophecy, as Henry Ford would say, 

weather you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.

 So let’s be careful about what we believe, for it will be what we live.