This blog has the objective of being a question and answer, tip, companionship site for people with lupus and other autoimmune diseases.  Lupus encompasses very different symptoms, many shared with other autoimmune diseases, so we can all benefit from eachother’s experiences and the things we have found that work to mitigate and sometimes erradicate symptoms.  

More than a place to vent our frustrations, I would like this blog to be positive, a sharing of solutions more than problems.  We have many support groups to vent and rage, let’s all have this one to keep up the optimism and the hope.  I will be sharing the things I have found that make my life a happy experience, whether they be health tips, positive quotes or jokes.  Please everyone join me in making eachother’s life lighter and better despite autoimmune disease.

The lengthy version of the tips and therapies I have tried are being edited into a book, which hopefully will come out this year, with the same title.